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62c Dalry Road Saltcoats, KA21 6DX

Frequently asked questions

SW Gym

How do i sign up?

Please visit to select your monthly subscription. All gym memberships are subject to a £20 joining fee

How old must I be?

To joing the gym you must be over 16 years of age

Can I try the gym before joining?

You may try the gym for £5 pay as you go fee before joining and this will be taken off your joining fee if you join that same day

Can I rejoin if i leave?

You will be permitted to join the gym again without paying the joining fee if its within 6 months of leaving/ending your subscription

Can I change my membership subscription?

You can inform us that you would like to change your membership subscription if its within 5 working days of the next charge date

Can I cancel my membership?

You must give 14 days notice for all membership cancellations