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Our packages entitle you to a range of different services to keep you fully motivated, focused and to make sure your journey is an enjoyable and successful experience. We have a range of different membership packages and all of our packages give you the opportunity to meet lots of new people and become part of or fitness community. We offer fitness class memberships, gym memberships, online coaching packages assisting you with your individual nutrition and training programmes. There is a package for everyone – try it for a few months and you’ll see why the SW Fitness community is so special! We are here to help you choose the correct package to reach your goals!

All Gym Memberships Include

FREE Training plan

No contract

Free induction 

Help and advice from SW staff

Private members forum

(£10 joining fee for entrance fob)

Gym Membership 24 Hours
Unlimited access

Gym Membership (normal hours)
Monday - Friday 6am-9pm
Sat & Sunday 8am-2pm

For combined Gym and Class memberships please check the Ultimate membership tab

  • I certify that I am in good physical health and I am able to undertake and engage in the range of physical activities in which I choose to participate at the gym. I assume all responsibility for updating the facility with respect to any changes in my physical or mental condition and for reporting all injuries sustained at the facility to the gym staff. I understand and am aware that strength, flexibility, aerobic and anaerobic exercise, including the use of any equipment, is a potentially hazardous activity. I also understand that fitness activities involve a risk of injury and even death and that I am voluntarily participating in these activities and using equipment with knowledge of all the dangers involved. I do hereby agree to expressly assume and accept any and all risks of injury or death either accidental or otherwise. This waiver, release and indemnification agreement includes, without limitation, all injuries which may occur as a result of (a) my use of all amenities and equipment in the facility and my participation in any activity or personal training, (b) sudden unforeseen malfunctioning of any equipment and (c) my slipping or falling while in the facility, on the facility premises, including W/c and parking areas. I acknowledge that I have carefully read this waiver, release and indemnification agreement and fully understand that it is a full and complete release of all liability.




Online Coaching

  • Individual Diet Plan*

  • Training Plan also available*

  • Online Coaching with unlimited changes

  • Weekly Online Check in with a coach

  • Private SW Forum


On/Off Season Competition Coaching

  • Individual Diet Plan*

  • Training Plan also available*

  • Online Coaching with unlimited changes

  • Weekly/Twice weekly Online Check in with a coach

  • Daily Check in close to show

  • Whats app communication

  • Private SW Forum

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