Welcome to the class booking system. If a class is fully booked please add yourself to the waiting list, spaces often become available due to cancellations and can sometimes even be very last minute. If you are on the waiting list an email will be sent to you if a space becomes available, if you miss that space you will remain on the waiting list until another space opens up and you will be emailed again. Cancellations can be made via your email confirmation or by opening your booking schedule

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Cancellation Policy

I agree that if I do not cancel my class booking online or by notifying SW Fitness within 2 hours of the class commencing I must pay for the missed class (this includes SW members with inclusive packages)

I agree that I will pay the invoice issued to my email address used

when booking to complete payment for the missed class.

I agree that if my missed class is not paid for in full to SW Fitness within 24hours

of issue they have the right to remove any of my future bookings

Early Morning classes before 9am must be cancelled before 10pm the evening prior to the class